The First…

love chocolate

There are days when I just cannot seem to get out of bed, without first imagining myself to be the star of a movie montage.  I play suitable background music in my head and see myself in various montage stages.  For example, pre-get fabulous job montage which sees me trudging to the office to deal with yet more of the daily grind and coming home again, flopping on the couch with a wine and lamenting my lack of employment opportunities.  I don’t of course flop on the couch with wine because I have kids and pets and general domestic chores to deal with in the evenings and I have a different montage scenario to get me through this part of the day as well.

Anyway, blogging is something I love, and those who’ve read my blogs know that I have mainly written about dating, the nightmares, pitfalls and general hell of it all.  Perhaps not surprisingly, I have become pretty bored with the dating game and my blog posts were getting more and more similar so I’ve decided to stop doing that for now.  Dating and writing about it.  But I want to keep writing, so I am going to do it this way for now.  I hope you’ll keep me company.

Backing music:   Changes – David Bowie

Outfit:  T-shirt, The Gap


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