When I was a kid, my mother used to keep all of her birthday and Christmas gifts in their packaging, and display them for a up to a week after the event.  She could always show anyone who visited her gifts and they always looked so pretty all lined up.  Unfortunately, due to my desire for instant gratification, I am unable to do this but now that I have Instagram, I can display my gifts prettily here.  As soon as they were photographed they were opened and I’ve begun to enjoy them.


A gorgeous photo album, Thorntons chocolates (the best chocolates in my opinion) and drawer soaps to make your smalls smell sweet.  Gifts from my darling daughters.


A terracotta pot full of lovely succulents.  A gift from a friend who knows I want to fill my garden with cuttings from friends.



This little beauty opens up to reveal an actual cupcake inside.  Yum.

IMG_1182So many pretty things.




Now I just need for the weather to cool down to proper Autumn temperatures so I can start wearing these lovelies.


Oh, how I enjoy a gift card!



A cute surprise from my little girl.


Beautiful flowers make every birthday complete.

I feel incredibly blessed by all the love and gorgeous gifts I received for my birthday.  Thanks to all xxx


2 thoughts on “Gifted

  1. I missed your birthday my love – I’m sorry! It sounds like you had a wonderful day, so my wish for you (in the manner of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty) is one other perfect day this year *waves wand and so it is done* AND a reading IOU, when you’re after one 😉

    • Thank you lovely girl.. I love the idea of you waving your wand.. I look forward to that day coming soon this year ..and than you for my reading IOU.. I will save it up and use it when I really need to xxx

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