What I’m Doing Now…


Popped over to Katie180 and saw she’d been making a list.  I decided to follow suit and post my own list here.  I kind of like doing this sort of thing… I will post the list at the end.  Why don’t you do it as well

Making :  Some changes.  Have taken a long hard look at myself of late, after getting sick for the third time in as many weeks and I think it’s time to do things a bit differently.  Watch this space.

Cooking : Spag bol.  Comfort food, easy to freeze, easy to thaw, easy to pop in the microwave ready for dinner after coming home at 6pm on a winter’s night.

Drinking :  Red cordial as a very special treat.  Ms11 found a brand new “punch fountain” at the local op shop and we’re giving it a run tonight to help mum’s husband celebrate his 62nd birthday.

Reading:  Lonely.  By Emily White.  It’s a condition I know only too well.

Wanting:  To stop feeling tired and sick.

Looking:  Tired after a late night at the Opera House watching Ms11’s choir performance.

Playing:  A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.  I just like it.

Wasting:  Time.  A little bit.  I know I shouldn’t.

Sewing:  Curtains for the bathroom.  It’s taken me a year to get around to it.

Wishing:  I could find the energy to make the changes I need to make.

Enjoying:  Having the folks here visiting.  I love a bit of family time.

Waiting:  For my new Optimum blender from Froothie.  I just CANNOT wait!!

Liking:  Reading foodie blogs, especially the ones with great green smoothie recipes.

Wondering:  Where I will stay when I go down to my beloved Melbourne in September.

Loving:  This list!

Hoping:  That one day I will meet a nice man who thinks I’m a nice woman.  I have hope but no faith that this will actually happen.

Marvelling:  At the fact that both of my daughters can now say they have performed at the Opera House.

Needing:  More motivation.

Smelling:  The first perfect pink rose of the season.  Intoxicating scent.

Wearing:  Trackies and slippers and a scarf.  I’m cold and my throat is sore.

Following:  Homo Erectus – @PiloceneBloke on Twitter.  I love his tweets.  They keep me amused.

Noticing:  Dappled afternoon sunlight

Knowing:  That I’m incredibly lucky most of the time.

Thinking:  About work, stupidly.

Feeling:  Cold.

Bookmarking:  The Wellness Warrior, lots of great recipes and positive thinking.

Opening:  The door to two young Mormon chappies, who I politely sent on their way.

Giggling:  At the sweet earnestness of the Mormon chappies who couldn’t have chosen a more difficult person to convert.

Feeling:  Relieved that I was able to get my car serviced and I was charged the same amount I was quoted

Here’s the list – go for it, can’t wait to read what you’ve written!

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :


6 thoughts on “What I’m Doing Now…

  1. Making : a list of the changes in laws and society regarding smoking over the last 100 years (yes it’s a work related thing)
    Cooking : hopefully not – I would like my man to cook for me tonight
    Drinking : left over dregs of a black tea now but a few glasses of white tonight
    Reading: Tobacco in Australia facts and issue – a comprehensive online resource. At home I am about to start “Burial Rites”
    Wanting: to drop into Topshop on the way home and buy a funky t-shirt
    Looking: at a packet of chocolate covered marshmallows and wondering if i should have one
    Playing: The XX on Spotify
    Wasting: time for a minute-a break from work
    Sewing: huh? What’s sewing?? Ok, I will admit to crocheting a scarf…
    Wishing: I was home with my man, music and a glass of wine
    Enjoying: life in general – it’s too short not too
    Waiting:for Spring. Love Spring
    Liking:The warm winter days
    Wondering:What the weekend will hold
    Loving: Love, life, smiles, laughter
    Hoping: Everyone will stop being so doom and gloom about life, politics, the universe and everything
    Marvelling: at how quickly time flies by and how much we need to live every moment
    Needing:not much
    Smelling:earl grey tea
    Wearing:my favorite floral skirt and blue suede boots
    Following: my heart
    Noticing: how time ticks by
    Knowing: I am loved and love in return
    Thinking:about sex. Oops – see, I wasn’t until you asked me what I was thinking about and then my mind went that way!!!
    Feeling: cheeky
    Bookmarking:smoking related websites
    Opening:that pack of chocolate covered marshmallows
    Giggling: because I said I was thinking about sex
    Feeling: happy

  2. OK I’ll bite

    Making : myself relax after ONE OF THOSE DAYS
    Cooking : nothing tonight. For once.
    Drinking : wine. Much wine.
    Reading: just finished ‘All that I Am’ by Anna Funder which was lovely. ALSO just about to start Burial Rites!
    Wanting: the house to warm up a little bit…
    Looking: forward to seeing my lovely Corinbank friends for lunch tomorrow and then family for my brother’s birthday dinner tomorrow.
    Playing: with Bodhi B – he’s in a crazy mood!
    Wasting: money on getting takeaway
    Sewing: is needle felting sewing? If so, funny little fairies for the little cousins
    Wishing: tomorrow would be sunny and bright and warm…ish
    Enjoying: FRIDAY NIGHT
    Waiting: for the takeaway
    Liking: the wine
    Wondering: whether a potential job promotion will come through…
    Loving: most things, as usual. being a Sagittarian optimist can be handy like that
    Hoping: for a sleep in tomorrow
    Marvelling: at the fact that DQ and I are just about to start the same book!
    Needing: a massage
    Smelling: jasmine candle
    Wearing: yoga pants
    Following: political updates. Lame.
    Noticing: the blossom trees starting to burst with pink!
    Knowing: I’m exactly where I should be
    Thinking: that I’m lucky to be able to think that
    Feeling: pretty damn satisfied
    Bookmarking: yoga workouts
    Opening: the Burial Rites, later this evening!
    Giggling: at a hilarious misspelling on an application at work today. The small things.
    Feeling: comfy

    • Thanks for your list lovely Rheds.. I love that you and DQ have answered something the same! You’ve just reminded me that I too need a massage.. hope you have a relaxing evening x

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