Green Smoothie Adventure


So I’ve been hearing a lot about this whole green smoothie thing.  I thought I’d jump on board!  A few weeks ago, when I was enduring my second bout of flu in less than two months I saw an ad for green smoothies on one of those informercial channels.  I was intrigued.  Not by their piece of junk product but by a way of getting a big bunch of vegetables in to me and the kids without the nightly round of moaning and negotiations about just how many pieces of broccoli people were prepared to eat.

I did some searching over the internet for the best product to use.  Everything was pretty expensive, and lots of reviews of run of the mill products weren’t great.  But then I stumbled across Froothie.  They have a great blender, the Optimum 9200 which is expensive but well priced compared to some of the others.  And so I began!

So far we’ve just messed about with different milk based smoothies although the other night I made delicious kiwi and strawberry smoothie mixed with fresh coconut water.  Unfortunately, both my children had a reaction to the kiwi so I won’t be making that one again in a hurry. At least not for the kids.  All of the others have been very yummy though and I’ve noticed a small glass after dinner has cut my sugar cravings down significantly.

Today, I ventured into the green realm of smoothie making.  The Wellness Warrior website has a great e-recipe book for free which has all you need to know in it.  My friend warned me to take it slow so today I made the following:

Green Smoothie First Try:

Fresh coconut water (be careful not to sever your hand when trying to chop into these)

Palm sized bunch of kale

Banana – two small

1 Teaspoon of spirulina

Squirt of lime juice

Whiz on high for a minute or two

Well, it wasn’t completely undrinkable and I think the banana and lime cut the grassy taste down but it was still there.  I drank it down anyway because I want to get used to having them and to see if there really are the health benefits claimed.  I think the spirulina made it a very dark green colour which isn’t terribly appetising but I feel I can get used to it.

Hopefully as time goes by I can incorporate more veggies which can only be a good thing.  Tomorrow I’m going to try oranges and kale because I used to drink fresh orange juice with wheat grass and although it is an acquired taste, eventually it’s quite palatable.

Anyway, I’m really keen to share what I’m doing with this and hopefully it won’t bore you to death. I promise I’ll write about other things as well.  But if you have a great green smoothie recipe, I would love for you to share it here.

What are your favourite smoothie ingredients?


2 thoughts on “Green Smoothie Adventure

  1. I started having green smoothies because I don’t eat breakfast. I’m just not hungry when I wake up. Anyway, it seemed like a good idea to whack in some green stuff and fruit at breakfast time in liquid form so I started making the following.
    1 banana
    1 cup fat-free soy
    1 teaspoonful of Supergreens (Spirulina, Barley Grass, Chlorella,& Wheat Grass)
    1/2 teaspoon Chia seeds
    1/2 teaspoon LSA powder
    A big dollop of fat-free yoghurt.

    It fills me up until lunchtime.
    I’ve recently cracked it with the chia seeds though because the little buggers kept appearing in my teeth hours after I’d finished my smoothie. They go weirdo and jelly-like and never seem to get them all!

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    • Good recipe, thanks Lou! I’m going to try a banana berry type arrangement today. The yoghurt makes it so yummy too. Have you noticed any change in your skin at all? You have lovely skin anyway it’s just that I’ve read that these types of smoothies can help with skin tone.

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