The Cliffy Shuffle

Cliff Young 8

This morning I went for a 7km training run with my friend MP.  (MP is one of the nicest people I know.  Seriously.  Even when we got cut off by a gigantic truck which could have flattened us, she merely issued a stern, but non-shouty chastisement.  No screaming like a banshee at all.  Unlike me).

It is lucky that MP is of such an accommodating nature because as we hit the trail this morning, it swiftly became evident just how unfit I really am.  This has me quaking in my ratty old sneakers about how I’m going to manage next week’s 9km Bridge Run.

We started off at a brisk walk, chatting about kids and life and then after a quick loo stop (we’ve both had kids, no bladders of iron for us), we started off at a gentle jog.  Or more accurately, the Cliffy Shuffle.  Actually I was the only one shuffling, MP has recently completed the City to Surf so she’s far ahead of me yet stuck by me all the way and coached me to keep on going.

Thing is, I’ve been training on and off for a few months.  I was very keen at first but was felled by a new job with much longer hours and then a rampant winter virus which got the kids first, then me, then me again.  So I’ve really only been regularly training for the past 6 weeks and boy, does it show!

I did the Bridge Run 4 years ago and trained fairly solidly for three months.  I was also several kilos lighter and obviously, younger than I am now.  I had never been a runner before so I was thrilled to cross the finish line in 1 hour and 13 minutes.  There, thought I.  I can do it!!  I planned to keep training, perhaps do a half marathon, the sky was the limit!  Alas, I decided to take a week off to recover and that was the end of my running.

This time I’ve been using the brilliant C25K app on my phone.  Most of my training has been on the treadmill due to having kids at home but when it’s just me on the weekend, I’ve headed outside, the dog trotting along beside me and have been very pleased with my progress.  Until today.  Big sigh.  But I am absolutely going to do it.  Plus I’m very motivated by possibly getting to meet up with Steph from Mamamarmalade on the day.  She’s the one who inspired me through her blog to start running again.

Anyway, at the end of the 7km course it turned out we had run for 28 minutes in total and the longest stint was 19 minutes.  I was pretty pleased with this, despite my huffing and puffing (but with barely enough breath to blow a house of straw down) at the end.

As little treat and incentive I popped into Lorna Jane and bought my first ever pair of running tights.  They look absolutely ridiculous (turns out I haven’t lost an ounce of weight despite all this running) but I don’t care.  I am determined to get through the race, raise money for my charity and enjoy myself no matter what, even if I have to do the Cliffy Shuffle the whole entire way… sans gumboots of course!


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