Back Again…

dating keyboard

I’ve been an on again/off again online dater quite a while now.  Currently I’m in an on again phase.  Apparently I haven’t explored my masochistic side quite enough for one life time.  Or maybe I’m an idiot.  Who can really say?

Yesterday I updated my profile, including adding a new picture.  This was snapped by my daughter whilst we were out at a cafe and with a (tiny) bit of help from filters, I decided it showed me as friendly, moderately attractive and was a true representation of how I look right now.  There’s nothing worse than turning up for a date to see that the person you had planned to meet is a much older version of the one they represented themselves to be (well okay, there are worse things but that’s for another post).

I’ve felt disheartened with on line dating for a very long time which is why I drop in and out.  But there’s just no other way for me to meet men and whilst I’m grateful for the exactly three (that’s 3) blind dates I’ve been set up on over the years, none of them has turned out terribly well and therefore I do tend to go back to my old stomping ground.

Clearly I’m doing something wrong.  I don’t know what exactly.  But today I’ve been contacted by someone with herpes who is looking to date someone who also has herpes and by a woman.  That’s right, a woman.  Said woman expressed a level of curiosity which she hoped to explore.  Maybe with me.  So my new photo and my wittily updated profile apparently say that I could very likely be suffering from a sexually transmitted disease and/or that I might be interested in women.  Even though my profile quite clearly states that I am interested in men.  Except for married men.  Although I was contacted by one of those as well.

This may make a more feint hearted gal give up but the fact is, and you’ll forgive my indelicacy, I want to get laid!  Admittedly, I’m not just looking for a booty call. I’m hoping to meet someone who only wants to sleep with me and who wants to stick around for breakfast the next day (at least every second weekend…), but alas it seems that without my knowledge, I bathed long and deep in the most fragrant of man repellant and the scent lingers.

But ever the optimist I remain firmly in the game.  Until I get annoyed and hide my profile again.  Or meet someone.  Somehow,  I fear it will be the former.